Weight loss is ever-changing, so using only one method to monitor your progress to your goal weight is not ideal.
There are so many ways in which to monitor progress. We recommend using more than one method to keep motivation levels up. Some ways to measure your progress:

Keep Track of Your Weight
Weight is a good way to measure progress, especially if one of your goals is in fact weight loss, but it should not be used on its own. The reason for this is that as women our weight is constantly fluctuating from week to week because of hormones, hydration levels, and so on. So some weeks we may lose weight, while other weeks we may lose centimeters and not weight.

Take Monthly Progress Pics
Progress photos are a fantastic tool as they give us a visual comparison of the changes in our body.

Body Measurements
Body measurements are another very useful way to monitor your weight loss. The most common areas of the body to track weight loss is the waist and hip circumference, and the mid upper arm circumference.

Be Aware of Your Clothing
Another method of tracking your progress is how your clothes fit you. You may notice changes in how the sleeves fit, whether your belt needs to be taken in a notch, a pair of pants gets too loose, or you need to buy a smaller dress size. These are good things and are a very motivating way to track your progress.

Take Note of How you feel
How you physically feel is also a good way to track your progress. As you progress on your diet journey, you will notice changes in how you feel in terms of energy levels, fitness, strength, concentration, emotions etc. We recommend keeping a diary or journal and writing down how you feel as you progress through the diet. Write down anything positive or negative to keep track.